Let’s Watch Chuck Pagano Dance In The Locker Room After The Colts’ Victory Over The Texans

  • Dylan Murphy

The Indianapolis Colts, at 11-5, have made the playoffs as the 5th seed and will travel to Baltimore next weekend for its first playoff game under the new regime. On Sunday, Chuck Pagano, who has battled leukemia this season, returned to coach for the first time since Week 3. It was an emotional moment, with even Arian Foster of the opposing Texans paying tribute on a touchdown run.

The Colts eventually came out on top, 28-16, and the players and coaches could not be happier for Pagano. So they danced. And he danced, too, awkwardly, but it was fun. Just really fun, and a great moment for the Colts and football and teams and why we like all this football stuff in the first place. Though we must admit that Jim Irsay getting in on the fun with a Pagano-Irsay jig sort of ruined the moment a little – we preferred the rhythmic bouncing.