Cleveland Browns Executive Arrested For DUI, Also Happens To Be Jerry Sandusky’s Son

  • Jake O'Donnell

Son of worst-person-in-sports-history and current Browns director of player personnel, Jon Sandusky, was pulled over in Fargo, North Dakota, and subsequently failed a sobriety test.

Drunk driving is terribly dangerous and unacceptable under any circumstance. That being said, if anyone gets a free pass for drinking to forget, it’s one of the adopted children of convicted serial child molester, Jerry Sandusky. It’s speculated that Jon Sandusky — who had been hired by the Browns in 2010 after stints with the Eagles and Penn State — was on a scouting trip to the University of North Dakota.

Penn State recently settled with 19 men affected by the former D-coordinator’s sociopathy, to the tune of $60M, including one Jon’s adopted siblings.

[Via Daily Beast] 34-year-old Matt Sandusky, one of the Sanduskys’ six adopted children, who stunned the community when he alleged during jury deliberations that as a child he had been molested by the coach for years.

TMZ has the his mugshots, if you feel like patronizing their expeditious “news” organization. Or, if you want to donate to a cause that works to help those affected by people like Jerry Sandusky, you can check out the RAINN website.