Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Faces More Legal Problems

Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns is hit with another civil lawsuit, Tyler Greenwalt of reports.

This will mark the 24th lawsuit filed against Watson. Things have heated up this week on the legal front for Watson. First, the NFL hinted that they may be near a conclusion of their investigation into the lawsuits brought against Watson, but then a 23rd suit was filed earlier this week, and now a 24th. The NFL has not stated if these two new filings will delay their conclusions and their punishment of Watson.

The attorney for Watson, Rusty Hardin, may have hurt the cause for Watson when he stated in an interview Friday that “happy ending” massages were not illegal. Hardin has since tried to undo the damage by saying he was talking hypothetically and not about Watson.

The Browns are tied with the Baltimore Ravens at +200 to win the AFC North. These odds are sure to change once the NFL announces the discipline for Watson. You can find the odds for every team to win their division at the FanDuel Sportsbook.