Clown Terez Owens Claims Russell Wilson Is Gay, Then That Golden Tate Had Sex With His Wife

  • Matt Rudnitsky

I’m sure you’re smart enough to avoid Terez Owens when it comes to sports news. Still, these Russell Wilson rumors are so unfounded it just feels like it makes sense to expose how ridiculous the site’s “evidence” is. Basically, we’re pulling a Paul George.

Wilson, as you know, is getting divorced from his wife, Ashton. If you run a sports blog with zero integrity, this means you take the opportunity to call Wilson gay without any support.

Here’s what our source who was close to Wilson at Wisconsin had to say, “I have been friends with him and his wife since our Madison days. The two have been pretty much living separately since the Superbowl. They drifted apart, but the strange thing is, there have always been whispers he played for the other team. The simple fact that he’s the one filing for divorce is very telling” said our source. I think at some point rumors like these always find their way to the net.

Not only is there no guarantee that source exists, but also the anonymous source can’t even come up with better evidence than “there have always been whispers he played for the other team.” And, he filed for divorce. So, these (maybe-existing) rumors must be true!

At least the explanation for the Aaron Rodgers gay rumors made a shred of sense.

Then, just a few weeks later, Owens posts about Golden Tate sleeping with Wilson’s wife.

Now we’re being told, allegedly, what the real story is. Our sources tell us Golden Tate and Wilson’s wife were having an affair, and it eventually was revealed to Russell. Now Golden Tate is with the Detroit Lions, and Russell Wilson filed for divorce, and will be looking for another life partner. Teammates should never cross that line.

You know a line REALLY shouldn’t be crossed when Terez Owens tells you not to cross it.