Colin Kaepernick Wants To Trademark “Kaepernicking,” Which Is Apparently A Thing Now

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

You can tack an “-ing” onto any word and make it a thing nowadays. Tebowing. Griffining. Mulping (NSFW, by the way). The fads come and go , and they’re mostly just annoying practices that get kids suspended from high school. Apparently 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a thing now. It’s called Kaepernicking, and it’s hard to say.

But it’s pretty easy to do, because it’s basically kissing your biceps. Actually, it’s just kissing your biceps. These things shouldn’t catch on, but they do, and now Kaepernick is trying to trademark the phenomenon (which on the West Coast, apparently it is).

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website shows the registration was filed on Jan. 14, and Kaepernick intends to use it on clothing, specifically T-shirts.

Kaepernick’s marketing team already has authorized a few small T-shirt companies to use his name and image on their products.

OK, now before you get all judgey (I already did), he is trying to make some good of it all.

The official “Kaepernicking” shirt is made by a company called Sportiqe. Some proceeds from that shirt go to Camp Taylor, which organizes camps for children with congenital heart defects.

Kaepernick has been involved with the camp; his adoptive parents lost two children to heart complications.

That having been said, it’s hard to grasp what exactly makes Kaepernicking unique. It’s not like kissing your biceps is a new thing. I guess kneeling wasn’t either, but these things have a way of sticking.

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