Super Bro Colin Bropernick Sprints With 50-Pound Weights On 49ers’ Days Off

  • Dylan Murphy

A QB non-controversy is brewing/has already been brewed in San Francisco, with Jim Harbaugh making the midseason switch from the already effective Alex Smith to bro-y bro Colin Bropernick. Smith, at most, is the prototypical “game manager,” for lack of a better term, an above average passer that rarely makes outstanding plays, but rarely makes mistakes either.

Bropernick, meanwhile, is exciting because RUNNING QUARTERBACKS LOOK AT THEM RUN. Even though Harbaugh hasn’t quite announced the starter for this week’s game, most assume it will be Bropernick for the third game in a row. And while that may piss the living hell out of Smith, who lost his job due to injury (which also explains why NFL players rarely admit to being hurt in the first place), the momentum behind Bropernick is undeniable. Even Vegas trusts him, because the 49ers are still favorites to win the Super Bowl at 3.5-1. Not to mention his ink guy, who has gained some infamy – which makes sense because those tats are brotastic.

But while all of this abrupt fame and admiration might be impressive, nothing can top the latest bro-y Bropernick news:

Literally PuttingDaTeamOnHisBack, as they say.