Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads In Support Of Chuck Pagano

  • Joe Levine

Several Colts players have elected to have their heads shaved in solidarity with their owner Chuck Pagano, who is currently recovering from leukemia. Apparently, a couple of cheerleaders are joining the cause.

Not only are they joining in and having their heads shaved like the guys, these cheerleaders are doing it live during today’s Colts game for some reason.

Well, at least the one in the barber’s chair is. Not sure what’s going on with the girl on the left looking like Jesse Ventura.

Cheerleader Gets Shaved

Whoever decided to film this is a genius. Those poor girls. You can actually see them regretting agreeing to do this as it happens, but there’s nothing they can do now as millions of people watch them go through with it.

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