Colts’ Erik Walden (Wearing Helmet), Headbutts Titans’ Delanie Walker (Not Wearing Helmet) (Yikes)

  • Rick Chandler

In what universe does Erik Walden not get ejected for this? Perhaps the Bizarro World, where this may be a good thing. But when Erik Walden ripped off the helmet of Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, and then headbutted him, with the official looking right at it, I’m amazed that Walden wasn’t ejected. Or sent to Bane pit prison.

To repeat, Walden was wearing a helmet. Walker was not. Walden head-butted Walker. On national TV. Roger Goodell must be pouring himself double vodkas right now.

Yet more angles, from our good friends at Bleacher Report.



In other news, the 49ers really could have used Walker this past Sunday. Guy takes a helmet head butt to his bare noggin, and it doesn’t seem to phase him.

Colts leading 19-17 late in third quarter. If Indy loses, consider its season finished.