Colts Players Shave Heads To Support Chuck Pagano, Will Probably Make You A Colts Fan

  • Glenn Davis

Colts coach Chuck Pagano is doing well, all things considered. His leukemia is in remission, and he’s feeling up to attending Colts games and delivering stirring speeches after those games. But he still has more to go: two more rounds of chemo and additional treatments over the next couple years. And his players – whom he’s clearly inspiring – clearly want to keep on inspiring him. So as a show of support, a bunch of them did this:

On a quick run-through, I counted 30 players there – over half the roster (and who knows, maybe more guys in addition to the ones in the picture did it). I noticed a certain young franchise quarterback/AFC offensive player of the week (who has some, uh, practical reasons to shave his head anyway) among the 30. Unless you’re a fan of an NFC South rival, the Colts are making it pretty hard not to root for them. Here’s to them being even tougher to root against soon – because Pagano’s back on the sideline.