Consummate Role Model Lawrence Taylor Suggests A Night In The Sack For Tim Tebow

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

There have been plenty of voices whispering in Tim Tebow’s sacred ears since his arrival in New York, people saying “Timmy, do this! Timmy, do that! Timmy, can you absolve my sins?” Everybody and their mothers seem to know what’s best for Tebow, and now everybody and their mothers are joined by Lawrence Taylor, who thinks Tim should have himself plain old intercourse.

The Hall-of-Fame linebacker was on Inside the NFL Wednesday night, and because the show is just Showtime’s unrated version of CBS’s The NFL Today, LT got away with saying this:

Taylor’s request for Tim to get it in was actually a response to fan-mail written by a mock Tebow, asking about the secret to Lawrence’s success in New York. Let’s backtrack for a second. Lawrence may have found himself professional success in the Meadowlands swamps, but he is also officially a low-risk sex offender because he was found guilty of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute. If that doesn’t predispose you to giving sex advice, well I just don’t know what does.

But who am I kidding, we all had a few laughs after watching this, didn’t we? Lawrence Taylor has cleaned up his act since his legal debacle, so maybe he can lead the charge of all of us having a little fun at Tim Tebow’s not-yet-deflowered expense and we won’t feel any the worse about it. That is unless you’re Jim Brown, Phil Simms, or Cris Collinsworth.

[h/t Busted Coverage]