Watch Tom Coughlin Yell At Greg Schiano During The Postgame Handshake (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

The Giants had a scare today against the Buccaneers, eeking out a 41-34 victory in the Meadowlands. But something that’ll be sure to get some attention over the next few days is what happened after said victory: the contentious postgame handshake between Tom Coughlin and Greg Schiano, which featured a lot of yelling from New York’s head coach.

Coughlin’s beef seems to stem from the fact that Eli Manning was knocked down as his team kneeled the ball late in the fourth to seal the victory; we’ve got video of that play below the confrontation itself.

Schiano obviously had no (direct) influence on his defense knocking down the two-time Super Bowl champ in the heat of the moment, so we think Coughlin was just looking for an excuse to be ruddy and Irish. (Although we also see the need to protect your franchise quarterback through some aggressive postgame jawing. Consider it Schiano’s “Welcome to the NFL” moment.)

One other note: Coughlin and Schiano’s postgame argument comes ahead of tonight’s Lions-49ers game. As you’ll recall, Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh had their own contentious shaking of hands last year.

Video here.

And the play from which Coughlin’s problem seems to stem:

Photo via Tyson Trish.