The Man Who Authored The Best Fan Rant Of The NFL Season Is Back For More

  • Glenn Davis

Back in Week 2, the Cowboys were dominated by the Seahawks in a 27-7 loss. So humiliated were the ‘Boys – after a big, season-opening win, no less – that one fan, John Shango, filmed this, and it stood proudly alone as the best NFL fan rant of the young season. Right from “The Dallas Cowboys took a big shit on that today,” you knew you were watching something special.

Well, now Shango’s rant has some competition… from John Shango. As you probably know, the Cowboys turned in another subpar performance last night, dropping a 34-18 decision to the Bears at home. Hoping for more Shangold, I eagerly scanned Youtube, and saw that this postgame video was titled “You really want a Cowboys rant from that?” Made it sound like he just didn’t have the energy left to produce a meltdown like the one from a couple weeks ago. And then… I watched. And so should you.

OK, maybe it didn’t have quite the loathing of the post-Seahawks video (I could watch “The Dallas Cowboys took a big shit on that today” on a loop until the end of time and possibly never get bored), but contrary to what he keps saying, there was plenty there for a rant. Thankfully for all of us, Shango proved it himself. If the Cowboys play like that too much more often, though, he really will be too downtrodden to get so worked up. And I think all of us except for rabid Cowboy-haters can agree: that’s not an outcome we want.