Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on Divisional Round Loss: '100 Percent on Me'

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott shouldered the blame following Sunday’s 19-12 Divisional Round loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a game in which the 29-year-old threw two costly interceptions.

“Yeah, just disappointed,” said Prescott. “Guys that played their asses off. Defense, who gave us an opportunity to win this game, who played hard against a really, really good offense, a really good team. And for us to only put up the points that we did, that’s unacceptable, and it starts with me. I’ve got to be better. No other way to sugarcoat it.”

Prescott, who led the league in interceptions, was flawless in last week’s victory over the Bucs, only for his turnover woes to rear their ugly head against the league’s best defense.

Both INTs resulted in 49er field goals, the second particularly critical with the Cowboys in prime scoring position near the end of the first half.

Prescott vowed to cut down on the INTs in 2023, saying:

“Yeah, it’s very frustrating. Something I’ve got to get in the offseason. Take a look at all of them. As I’ve said before, they all have their own story. But two tonight. Unacceptable. Can’t put the ball in jeopardy like that. Whether they’re tipped up in tight throws or I’m late on a stop route, just can’t happen. The number that it has gotten to is ridiculous. I can promise that the number will never be this again. I can promise that.”

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