Cowboys Showing Interest In Bears’ Free Agent Henry Melton, Who Was Caught On Tape Biting A Bar Owner

  • Jake O'Donnell

With DeMarcus Ware gone, the Dallas Cowboys are searching through the rubble heap to find someone willing to play for their god-awful defense. We think they may have found their guy. (No joke, Melton visited with the team today as a free agent.)

THE STORY: Melton was asked to leave a Fort Worth-area bar, by the owner, after allegedly calling the bartenders “poor white trash,” whilst angrily proclaiming his “millionaire” status for contrast. Nice touch, Henry. The irony is that Melton is now being sued by the bar owner for exactly $1 million, for (once again, allegedly) biting his love handles.

Yes, you read that correctly.

[WFAA] “It took four men to do this because he’s a big guy,” Wolf said. “And in the process, my client — Mr. Payne — received a really really horrific bite from Mr. Melton. He bit him in the side, near the kidney, through the skin.”

Ahem. Melton was obviously arrested (public intoxication, assault) and…not suspended? As far as we can tell, he wasn’t punished by the league or his team — though he hadn’t played a game after week 3 when he went out with knee injury, and this incident occurred on the 23rd of December. Meanwhile, players are getting the book thrown at them for smoking weed.

Let that stew around in your head for a while.

Now Dallas wants to bring him back to Texas. Great idea, guys. Reminder: Don’t pay him in gift certificates to “Grapevine Bar.” If this isn’t evidence that the NFL’s free agent pool is dwindling rapidly, we don’t know what is (Brandon Weeden rumblings?). The most prolific moves and rumors so far, below.


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