Cowherd Co-Host Says Players Flash Female Reporters In Locker Room

  • Jake O'Donnell

When people play sports, they get sweaty. How sweaty? So sweaty that they actually have to take a shower! Crazy, right? This is usually done in a room adjacent to the locker room — which is where they keep their stuff during the game. Strangely enough, TV cameras are allowed in this room, as are female reporters — who are often confronted with the massive, um, egos some of these players are rocking.

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“I’ve been in plenty of locker rooms,” Colin Cowherd’s co-host Kristine Leahy said this afternoon on “The Herd.” “It’s extremely uncomfortable — there are players who will drop their towel, they do it on purpose because they want to see if you’ll look.”

While this shouldn’t come as a complete surprise given what we know about the entitled, overgrown children that disproportionately make up professional and college athletics, it is undoubtedly jarring to hear from someone who’s experienced it enough times to be able say it happens with frequency. Athletes are literally flashing female reporters in the locker room. Do with that information what you will, but make sure to give major props to Kristine Leahy for blowing the whistle on some military-grade workplace harassment.

Jake O'Donnell

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