Did Titans Owner Bud Adams Fire His COO Because He Couldn’t Sign Peyton Manning?

  • Dylan Murphy

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams turns 90 on Thursday, January 3rd. He doesn’t have too many years left wielding executive power over his football franchise, so he wants to see championships, like, now. Last offseason, Peyton Manning was a free agent. Even though the Titans had promising young quarterback Jake Locker and wily vet Matt Hasselbeck under contract, Adams wanted Manning.

Mike Reinfeldt, as senior executive vice president and COO, was the one in charge of pursuing Manning. But he didn’t, apparently, at least not with any real gusto, and Manning went to Denver for whom he has turned in an MVP-caliber season. Reinfeldt is now out of a job, after promising young QB Jake Locker was both injured and underwhelming and the Titans finished the season at 6-10. According to The Tennessean, t’s all just a lingering case of Manning butthurt.

“In the days leading up to Adams going public with his interest in Manning, he’d repeatedly told Reinfeldt he wanted the team to get involved. As senior executive vice president and COO, Reinfeldt stayed in regularly communication with the 89-year-old Adams.

Adams felt like Reinfeldt didn’t take him seriously enough, and wondered if he even spread the news to General Manager Ruston Webster or Coach Mike Munchak. At the time, the Titans were focused on making it work with quarterbacks Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck.”

It must be noted that this story is unsourced, and The Tennessean is merely speculating based on its familiarity with the Titans franchise as a whole. Still, it’s not so hard to wrap our minds around the idea that Reinfeldt didn’t want to follow the short-term tunnel vision of an aging owner, and instead wanted to build towards a future – one Adams might not be around to see. And so Adams, in response, terminated his employment.

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