Crazed Grandpa Builds 20-Foot Replica Of Giants Stadium

  • Joe Levine

What do you do when you’re in your 70s and have nothing but money and time? If you’re Don Martini, you sink two years and $20,000 into building a 20-feet by 17-feet replica of the old Giants Stadium with excruciating detail.

The 75-year-old retiree from Blairstown, New Jersey, started the project after it came to him in a dream. In making it a reality, the project actually expanded to become not only a shrine to the New York Giants franchise, but an architectural improvement on the original building.

But he didn’t stop at building a stadium. Martini painted the walls of the garage blue and hung autographed photos from each Super Bowl team. He built something he named “Giants Stadium Trolley Station,” with a working train and elevators, that would have alleviated hundreds of traffic jams had the Meadowlands planners thought of the same thing.

He added five Blue Angel fighter jets flying overhead, three cookie jars filled with blue-and-white M&Ms for the kids, a wall-sized photo of the New York skyline, even a stadium timeline and history lesson.

Take a look at the video, via

Maybe some team should hire Martini to build their next stadium. I think I speak for all fans when I say I want fewer luxury boxes and more cookie jars full of M&Ms.