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“No Thanks”: Cris Collinsworth Says What Entire Country Is Thinking During Fear Factor Promo

  • Glenn Davis

As you’ve probably heard if you’ve watched much NBC programming recently, Fear Factor is returning to the network, so if you’ve been wanting to see people compete in doing gross things but bemoaning your lack of means for doing so, you’re happy. And undoubtedly, some are – Fear Factor was pretty popular back in the day. The ranks of the excited, though, don’t seem to include Sunday Night Football color man Cris Collinsworth:

OK, fine, Collinsworth’s “No thanks” was probably referring to a lack of any desire to perform the kinds of stunts normally seen on Fear Factor. It’s way more fun, though, to imagine he’s had just about enough with all the network shilling, and finally went rogue. Hard to blame Collinsworth either way, though: look at the guy in the photo above. We have little doubt that sometime before he had those worms poured on him and started thinking things like, “AHHHH OH GOD GET THESE THINGS OFF ME RIGHT NOW GAHHHHHHHHHH,” a simple thought crossed his mind: “No thanks.”

[h/t Mike Tunison]

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