Watch Victor Cruz Honor His Late Abuela With A Salsa Dance

  • Dan Fogarty

Victor Cruz’s grandma, Lucy Molina, passed away at the age of 77 last Monday. Cruz was close to his abuela, and according to the New York Post, he bid her a tearful bedside goodbye before she passed from a combination of health issues, including diabetes.

Molina was the one who taught him his now-famous salsa dance, which has become perhaps the best touchdown celebration in the NFL. So on Sunday, Victor honored his late grandma in the best way he could: by first hauling in a game-tying fourth quarter bomb from Eli Manning, and then doing a salsa that would make grandma proud.

First, Cruz thought he better do his patented salsa celebration — which his grandmother took so much pride in — with good form to make her proud. Then, Cruz blew a kiss and pointed his arms to the air and it felt as if nobody else was in MetLife Stadium at that moment but him and his abuela.

“Once I got to the 3 [yard line], I knew it was time to honor her and I knew she was with me,” Cruz said. “And it was almost like the place kind of went silent and I was just there dancing with her. It was a good moment.”

Video of the catch (and, more importantly, the salsa) here: