Daily Show’s John Oliver Hates Tim Tebow Like He Hates Bin Laden (Video)

  • Barry Rothbard

People either love or hate Tim Tebow and his chaste ways. Some people think Tebow is Damian. Some people think Tebow is a guiding light.

Then there’s Daily Show correspondent and comedian John Oliver, who in this clip explains that he devoutly despises Tebow, the Denver Broncos rookie quarterback.

Here’s Oliver’s routine, in case you can’t watch the video (or need to be convinced to):

“I dislike Robert Mugabe. I hate Tim Tebow. If I was in a room with Tim Tebow and Bin Laden and I had a gun with one bullet in it, I’d shoot Bin Laden. I’m not a monster. But if I had two bullets–I’d shoot Tim Tebow first.

“How dare you thank God before thanking your offensive line…If I was an offensive lineman for Tim Tebow and I heard him thank god instead of thanking me at the end of the game I’d find myself lining up for the following game and say ‘oh Tim I heard your press conference at the end of the game last week, great to hear Jesus get a shoutout. Wasn’t he fantastic for us? Wasn’t God great, especially in that fourth quarter?”

I guess Oliver isn’t a Hanes guy, either.

[h/t The Football Girl via The Big Lead]