Dallas Cowboys Now Leading The League In Naked Pictures (SFW)

  • Dan Fogarty

Mike Hamlin has become the second Dallas Cowboy in three days to have self-taken naked photos uncovered by MediaTakeout.com. At this rate, we’ll have Wade Phillips jacuzzi shots by next Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Martellus Bennett’s nakey cell phone pictures were put on display for the world to see, reportedly sent to MediaTakeout courtesy of a jilted ex-girlfriend. But rather than cop to it like Bennett did, Hamlin is saying his pics are photoshopped.

“I’m trying to see what happens next,” Hamlin said.

You can see the photos here, and, as you’d expect, they’re slightly NSFW (just be glad I didn’t include them in the post). The funniest part is the Batman-esque POW logos MediaTakeout uses to block out player genitals.

Also, one thing about the picture: Hamlin is clearly an amateur at taking cell phone pictures of his dong. You never take a straightaway shot, because you’re selling yourself short if you do that. Everybody knows that you need to go with the almost-side shot. It let’s the lucky lady who gets this in her inbox know that, yes, you like taking gratuitous pictures of your penis, but at least you’re artsy about it.