The Dallas Cowboys’ Digital Media Director Accidentally Said “Nobody Cares” About The NHL From The Cowboys’ Twitter Account

  • Dylan Murphy

The Dallas Cowboys’ season ended just over a week ago when the Washington Redskins won a winner-take-all slugfest in Washington. There was yet another late-game failure from Tony Romo and a lot of butthurt from owner Jerry Jones.

They were, and probably still are, bitter. Well, definitely still bitter that their season is over, because between absolving and indulging sin, the Dallas Cowboys’ official Twitter account found time to sneak in a shot at the NHL and MLB.

Moments later the tweet was deleted. But this wasn’t the misclick of some poor intern. No, it most likely came from Derek Eagleton, the Digital Media Director for the organization. We know this because, this:

Eagleton deleted that tweet too, but not before the Dallas Stars’ official account responded with this.

To which the clearly-blushing Cowboys said:

And then everything was cool again, bros.

In any event, it seemed like this all started as a result of a bummed fan — a bummed fan who happens to work the social media lever for the team he loves — trying to burn other leagues, while his own quarterback is aflame at the stake.

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