Dan Marino Joins Legion Of Former Players Suing The NFL Over Concussions

  • Barney Vincenzo

dan marino

Concussions hurt, which is why Dan Marino has joined the 5,000-plus former players and 300-plus related lawsuits against the NFL. He was one of 15 players named in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia last week.

The Hall of Famer’s lawsuit “seeks medical monitoring and unspecified financial recovery,” according to a Los Angeles Times report. The abridged version of his submitted complaint didn’t get too specific either.

“On information and belief, the Plaintiff … sustained repetitive, traumatic sub-concussive and/or concussive head impacts during NFL games and/or practices.”

This news comes on the heels of a gigantic, 500-person lawsuit that claimed the NFL was passing out painkillers like Mike and Ike back in the day.

Marino hasn’t commented on the lawsuit yet, but based on this interview from last year, he’s not crazy about the NFL changing too many rules. Take into account that this wasn’t some kind of sports science summit but rather a news crew catching up with Dan at the pizza joint he opened in Central Florida. Still, quotes is quotes.

So is Dan the Man a true champion for change or just another ex-athlete trying to get a piece of the spicy pie? You decide.

UPDATE: So, turns out, this was all one big misunderstanding. Via the Sun Sentinel:

According to a source, Marino, 52, and his lawyers will be in discussions to withdraw from the lawsuit that was filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.

“It was never Marino’s intention to initiate litigation in this case, but to ensure that in the event he had adverse health consequences down the road, he would be covered with health benefits. They are working to correct the error,” a source said to the Sun-Sentinel.

Interesting. It’s not to say that Marino isn’t worried about his long-term health, but he doesn’t want to take the NFL to court over it… yet.

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