Dan Snyder Gives Apples As Holiday Bonuses (Literally), And Wanted Brady Quinn Really Badly

  • Matt Rudnitsky

I don’t normally like to make a story out of disconnected negative comments about a person… but when they’re regarding Dan Snyder, I have no such qualms. He is, by all accounts, an asshat. And a recent Washington Post feature examines Snyder’s asshatedness, including the fact that fewer than 20 of the team’s 143 listed employees in the 2008 media guide remain. That’s as much turnover as RG3? (That almost makes sense.)

While the Redskins have never been shy to pay millions to football players, former employees who’ve also worked elsewhere in the NFL say salaries for the rest of the operation lag behind many teams. Ex-staffers reported cutbacks during the recent recession — multiple employees reported receiving bags of apples one year in lieu of holiday bonuses.

It was a recession, I get it. But… shit, isn’t no bonus better than a bonus of apples? I hope they were Honeycrisps, at least.

Several former employees said job security was a constant fear. “I never worked in such a nervous building before,” one former employee said. “You never saw anyone who came in and was like, ‘Wow, great to be here today.’ It was grim faces all the time.

The Washington… Reapers?


Snyder had tired of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan’s bland play-calling. “Too vanilla,” he called it, and to illustrate the point, he left a gallon of ice cream on Nolan’s desk. Nolan chuckled, but later that season, the owner still wasn’t pleased and sent more ice cream, three five-gallon drums this time, with the note: “I wasn’t joking. I do not like vanilla.”

Then, there’s the picking players stuff. The mention that Snyder “wants to win like nobody I’ve ever known…” but clearly doesn’t know how to do it. Making Shanahan ditch his plans of getting Marc Bulger for “the higher profile and more marketable (Donovan) McNabb.” The mention of having “his heart set on drafting quarterback Brady Quinn.” “Then he wanted Teddy Ginn.” And of course, ignoring medical flags on Malcom Kelly (who? exactly…), and taking Devin Thomas over Jordy Nelson “whom several others in the football operation preferred, according to someone who was with the team at the time.”

That’s all hearsay, but again, when it comes to Dan Snyder, I don’t care too much about giving him the benefit of the doubt. Evaluate his character and ability to win football games as you wish.

I’m pretty confident that the guy is an asshat.

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