“Dancing Naked M&M” Is The Best Super Bowl Commercial (So Far)

  • Dan Fogarty

“Dancing Naked M&M” is your club leader for “Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2012” so far tonight. It features a brown M&M (I think this is a new thing) who’s attending a party and explaining to her fellow revelers that she’s not actually naked — her shell is merely chocolate-colored. Red M&M, who didn’t get the memo, shows up and rips his “clothes” off.

If you think that sounds “meh,” you’re not the only one: the pickings have been slim tonight — the only other standout ad has been Elton John’s Pepsi commercial, but that was ruined by Flavor Flav’s cameo at the end. One good thing about the M&M ad: it provides us with this tremendous GIF, courtesy of SportsGrid Video Assignment Editor CJ Fogler.

Video of the full M&M ad, here: