Danny Amendola Will Donate $100 To A Boston Marathon Relief Fund For Every Pass He Catches Next Year (And $200 For Every Dropped Pass)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Danny Amendola is on the New England Patriots now, where he will try to convince Bostonians that the stereotypes are correct, that all short white receivers play from the slot and are unstoppable. Fans will wear their Wes Welker jerseys and not notice the difference, and all will be well in Foxboro. Amendola has taken a public step that will get him noticed as a unique person, though, pledging to donate $100 per reception and $200 per drop to a Boston Marathon relief fund. This probably would’ve been a better pledge for Butterfingers Welker, but it’s still a great gesture for a guy who could easily catch 100 balls from Tom Brady.

The greatest part? Because of the drops thing, me and my fellow Jets fans can root against the Patriots with even more fervor, without a hint of remorse. Rooting against the Patriots has always been the right thing to do, and this wonderful man has kept it that way.

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