Caution, Tears Ahead: A Man’s Dying Wish Was Granted, And He Got To Meet Andrew Luck

  • Dan Fogarty

Danny Webber, a 74-year-old diehard Colts fan who was admitted to Heritage House with terminal cancer, was profiled by the Indy Star’s Phillip B. Wilson in late September. Webber was attending what would likely be the final Colts game of his life, and when the team’s PR staff caught wind of it, they upgraded his seats, gave him field passes, and allotted a few moments for him with Andrew Luck. That last bit — his brief moment with “Mr. Luck,” as Mr. Webber called him — was a dying wish.

We’re not sure if Mr. Webber is still with us. Searches for his name on Google News and Twitter only mention the piece that Inside the NFL did on him, which you can see above. But although we’re not sure if Danny Webber is still on this planet, we’re 99% sure he made the most of it while he was.

Here’s how Mr. Webber spent one of the last Sundays of his life. It looked like a fun one.