Darnell Dockett Has His Gun Everywhere He Goes, Except Work, Because That’s A Rule

  • Dan Fogarty

This morning, Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett tweeted a funny little story about how he almost accidentally brought his gun to work (work being practice for the NFL team he plays for). This afternoon, Mr. Dockett went back on Twitter to clear a few things up.

The gun laws in Az are super cool! I can damn near have a rGrenade launcher on the seat and long as its registerd I’m good. Lol nice

Lmfaoo, media full of shit, I accidently “almost” bring my gun to work, gun is registered, and yall compare me to Javaris Crittenden lmfaoo

Ok so from this day on I will not speak the truth on twitter I will just lie and be like 97% of the people on here! #confirmed

Carrying a gun in az is LEGAL, I have my gun license, & I don’t bring my gun to work cuz its a rule! But I have it everywhere I Go! But wrk

Then I hear people say you a NFL player you shouldn’t have a gun, yeah that’s what sean taylor thought too! May he RIP! But yall trippn!

I’m done with this GUN thing, just know I’m always strapped, I got them same guns T.I got locked up for And its LEGAL *puts gun underseat*

I got a son/family 2 look after & no 1 gonna protect them like me period! Ill go buy this tomorrow! lockerz.com/s/134619063

So, to recap:

* Arizona gun laws: super cool.

* Darnell Dockett buying a grenade launcher: a possibility.

* Not bringing your gun to work if you work for the Arizona Cardinals: a rule.

* Darnell Dockett: always strapped.

Again, thanks for clearing all that up, Darnell!