Darnell Dockett Tweeted A Stupid/Insensitive Asian Joke And Refuses To Apologize

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Darnell Dockett tweeted a racist joke. You would think that in 2013, he would know not to do this, but if you think that, you don’t know Darnell Dockett, man who tweets about his gun, his digits to Katherine Webb and spits in his teammate’s face. (This teammate, if you were wondering.)

Darnell Dockett Racist Tweet

Alright, you don’t do that. It’s dumb. It’s insensitive. It’s not funny. But, if you’re dumb enough to do that, you’re usually just smart enough to apologize and move on.

OK, sure, maybe you’re not racist. The first step in convincing us, however, would be to apologize. That’s your next tweet, right?

Upsetting people with insensitive jokes is Darnell Dockett’s favorite pastime. Great to know.


Subsititute “dumb” or “insensitive” there, Darnell, and we’re finally in agreement on something.