Darnell Dockett Spat In His Own Teammate Kerry Rhodes’ Face Because He Hates Logic And Football Strategy

  • Dylan Murphy

When Mark Sanchez was benched for Greg McElroy, Jets fans everywhere rejoiced. No more interception-happy Mark Sanchez. The Jets offense had hope, promise and the allure of points (they had been shut out to that point), even if the mother of the savior was still snoozing.

The Jets wound up winning the game against the Arizona Cardinals, pitifully, 7-6, securing victory on the team’s final offensive possession. The final drive started on their own 26 with 7:55 remaining in the fourth, and New York managed to keep possession and wind down the clock. But near the end of that possession, Arizona had not lost all hope – despite victory almost completely out of reach, they could have let New York score to push the lead to 14-6.

And though they would have needed to go the length of the field in very little time, they nonetheless would have had some semblance of a chance because they could possess the ball one more time. Instead, Jets’ running back Shonn Greene decided to fall down at the 1-yard line after earning a first down on 2nd and 3 at the Arizona 6 yard line, allowing McElroy to kneel the ball on consecutive plays and end the game. (You might remember Brian Westbrook and Maurice Jones-Drew pulling the same stunt in previous years, or Ahmad Bradshaw trying – and failing – to do the same in last season’s Super Bowl.)

This did not make Darnell Dockett happy.

You see, Darnell Dockett is a FOOTBALL player. He plays DEFENSE. He doesn’t let opponents score, no matter the situation, no matter the cause. It’s a matter of PRIDE.

Via ProFootballTalk:

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Dockett spat in [teammate Kerry] Rhodes face.

The incident occurred late in the fourth quarter, with the Cardinals trailing 7-6 and the Jets driving. The Cardinals’ defense planned to let the Jets score a touchdown, which would have stretched the lead (with the extra point) to 14-6, and which would have given the Cardinals the ball back with a chance to force overtime.

The only problem? Dockett didn’t want to let the Jets score. And so he resisted. And he resisted. And eventually, as Rhodes was trying to persuade Dockett to go along, Dockett let his saliva do the talking.”

Now maybe Dockett has the Cardinals defense on his fantasy team – that would explain a lot. Otherwise, it would seem that Darnell Dockett hates the advent of statistical probability and the prospect of winning football games. Which, it turns out, would put him in fine company. Because no interwebs and mathematology can take away what he knows about this fine Game of Footbaw, the way it’s SUPPOSED to be played.