For Some Reason Darrelle Revis Is Upset That The Jets Might Trade Him

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The New York Jets introduced new general manager John Idzik Thursday afternoon, but before he even swore the dreaded oath, his first red flag already presented itself. All-pro corner Darrelle Revis was publicly dismayed at the rumors swirling that the team was looking to trade him.

Now, it’s totally understandable that a player who has only played for one team his whole career, has been to two conference championships with that team and is the cornerstone of that team, would be upset if his team was trying to trade him. Not to mention, this is New York, where every accomplishment is magnified and for Revis there have been a few. But this is the Jets, and surely greener pastures could be found elsewhere, right? I mean, wouldn’t the prospect of escaping this mess be kind of exciting?

Well, not for Revis apparently. Remember, the Jets and Darrelle Revis have a history of not always being on the same page, including the lockout heard ’round the world before the 2010 season, where Revis made it to training camp just in time for the final minute of the final episode of that season’s Hard Knocks.

But that was a different time — the Tannenbaum Era — and this is certainly not the right foot on which to start the Idzik Era. Idzik and Rex Ryan both played coy on the Revis issue, the former calling it “premature” and the latter only admitting all future moves would be in the best interest of the team as a whole.

It seems fair to say that Revis’ future as a Jet is in question, though according to Idzik, it would be safe to assume that of every Jet. But look on the bright side Darrelle, you might not be a Jet anymore.

[ESPN NY, Getty Images]