DeAngelo Hall Gets Into Shouting Match With Reporter Over Non-Controversial Quote, Because He’s DeAngelo Hall

  • Glenn Davis

The Redskins are struggling. Not as much as the Eagles, whom they easily beat 31-6 on Sunday, but still struggling. They’re 4-6, and their own coach already sounded like he’d given up on making the playoffs this year a couple weeks ago. And struggling leads to frustration. And for some of the more temperamental Redskins – like, say, cornerback DeAngelo Hall – frustration might lead to… yelling at a reporter until the two of you have to be separated:

This, of course, wasn’t Hall’s first run-in with someone – this happened just last month. And who could forget the Petrino episode with the Falcons? (Although Petrino being Petrino, tough to lay all the blame for that one at Hall’s feet.) Worry not, though: Hall and Jones quickly patched things up:

And it’s easy to see why nothing especially nasty came of this feud: apparently Hall was made over the way he was quoted in this story. If you can find anything worth getting mad about in there, by all means let us know.

These must be the dog days of the NFL season: Hall vs. Jones (Jones, for his part, hasn’t said anything about this little episode on his Twitter account yet) isn’t the only “high-strung defender vs. media” story of the week. Remember Bart Scott and his media boycott that, depending on who you ask, was either a blown-out-of-proportion joke or a sincere attempt at silencing his teammates that just failed? The grind is getting to these guys. Well, either that, or the NFL has almost 1,700 players on active rosters, and statistically some of them are bound to just be odd dudes.

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