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Definitive Proof That ESPN Is Trying To Shove Michael Sam Down Our Throats, So To Speak

  • Eric Goldschein

In covering Michael Sam’s introduction by the St. Louis Rams yesterday, ESPN was caught red-handed doing exactly what they’ve been accused of doing by every God-fearing Twitter user this side of the Atlantic: Altering the facts to make Michael Sam look better than he is. Look:

He had 211.5 sacks last year, huh? That means he averaged over 15 sacks a game in 2013. Typical East Coast liberal elite media trying to convince us that this guy is worth a roster spot, when he’s merely a feel-oh-so-good story that rakes in the cash. Well, if you’re trying to normalize homosexual behavior, at least let him line up against Brett Favre, who will give you all the sacks you want in exchange for friendship and/or jeans.

(Sam actually had a mere 11.5 sacks in 2013, which was good enough to get him named co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year.)

[Awful Announcing]