Former Baseball Owner With History Of Racist Remarks Defended By Former Player (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Marge Schott, the late former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, was looked on less than fondly by many, many people. A prime reason: a long line of controversial (to put it mildly) remarks, such as reportedly calling two black players “million dollar niggers” (that was probably her most famous one), as well as, apparently, holding somewhat sympathetic views of Adolf Hitler.

We now know, however, who one of her detractors isn’t: another one of her former players, Deion Sanders. Prime Time was on NFL Network to preview yesterday’s action when talk turned to the Chargers-Bengals game in Cincinnati – the city where, host Rich Eisen noted to Sanders, “you took a lot of Marge Schott’s money.”

Sanders’ reaction to Schott’s name entering the conversation:

“Marge Schott was good to me; y’all leave Marge Schott alone.”

Plenty of people had rather…different dealings with her, it’s safe to say.

[h/t the always-useful RoachRadioTube]