(Delusional) Rex Ryan: “I’ve Got Three Quarterbacks I Feel Good About”

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The New York Jets have a quarterback whose last name is Buttfumble and a quarterback who can’t throw. They also have a quarterback who was a seventh-round pick only because some believed he might eventually develop into a solid backup. It’s his first full season, and just two weeks ago, he was inactive because he couldn’t beat out Mr. Buttfumble nor the quarterback who can’t throw, who had fractured ribs at the time.

Excluding the 75 million irrational Tebow-lovers, the 3 irrational Sanchez-lovers and the McElroy’s, nobody outside of the Jets locker room thinks the team’s quarterback situation is anything less than a disaster. In fact, there are probably few inside the locker room that think that.

Rex Ryan, however, is happy with all three of his throwers-who-can’t-throw. Via ESPN:

“I’ve got three quarterbacks I feel good about,” Ryan said. “I think we’re in a lot better situation than probably a lot of teams.”

If he was talking about middle-school teams, then perhaps he was right. If he was talking about the NFL, he was wrong. Yes, Ryan Lindley exists, but the Cardinals aren’t “a lot of teams.” Even Brady Quinn threw passes to players on his own team which gained yards and scored points a few times on Sunday.

If the Jets could combine the three into some sort of smart, GQ-modeling, athletic McTEBOWCHEZ ENORMOUS BICEP PASTOR MONSTER, perhaps they’d be in “a lot better situation than probably a lot of teams.” For now, Rex Ryan will have to live in his delusional National Ryan Lindley League where the Jets are Super Bowl Champs and do his best to come out of a cakewalk remaining schedule unscathed, to unjustifiably sneak into the playoffs.

[ESPN; image via]