Watch NFLPA Head DeMaurice Smith Give ESPN’s George Smith And Chris Mortensen A Live TV Surprise

  • Glenn Davis

Live TV is great because it holds the potential to give us spectacular moments even when completely unexpected. Earlier this evening, SportsCenter gave us one of those moments, thanks to NFL players association executive director DeMaurice Smith sneaking up on unsuspecting reporters George Smith and Chris Mortensen. None of it was planned (by Smith, Mortensen, or anyone at ESPN, at least). All of it, though, was hilarious.

First things first: George Smith and Mort were reporting on a significant development on the upcoming end of the lockout: NFL owners voted today to approve the new collective bargaining agreement, 31-0. (Al Davis didn’t vote, because he’s Al Davis.) That doesn’t mean it’s over: the players didn’t agree to several of the terms in the deal the owners approved, so while it’s close, there’s deal-cutting yet to be done by DeMaurice Smith and the owners.

Before all that, though, DeMaurice Smith noticed the two reporters filming a segment. He decided to hop on in…initially, without them knowing. He didn’t say anything at first…he just stared into the camera, videobombing. Finally, he said, “Hey guys,” catching them so off-guard that he might as well have asked, “Problem?” And honestly, the exchange that followed between Smith and the reporters wasn’t even that interesting, but for the fact that both George Smith and Mortensen were left to wonder what the hell was happening. Video of a very strange, but outstanding, minute of television below, via ESPN.