Comedian Dennis Miller Can’t Resist Rex Ryan Foot Jokes, Either

  • Glenn Davis

Hey, remember that weird year when Dennis Miller was a Monday Night Football commentator? Neither did we, really, but we thought of it when Miller appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night and the subject of the NFL playoffs came up. O’Reilly wanted Miller’s predictions, and got, among other things, the inevitable Rex Ryan foot joke.

Miller made the joke under the guise of not trusting Jets kicker Nick Folk, whom he called “shaky,” and then, well…

“…And you’d think Rex would have an eye for a good foot, but that could be trouble for them.”

Judging by the isolated laughter following the comment, at least one person on set got the joke (or maybe that was just the only person who hadn’t already heard a million variations on said joke). Miller went on to praise Jets cornerback tandem Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, but still picked the Steelers to win. In the NFC, he deferred to Mike Ditka’s and Phil Simms‘ glowing evaluations of Aaron Rodgers and went with the Packers, but he thinks the Steelers will win it all.

O’Reilly, for his part, picked the Packers to beat the bears as well, but went with the Jets over the Steelers in the AFC. Needless to say, whether O’Reilly and Miller get their picks right becomes this weekend’s most fascinating subplot. Video of the segment, via Fox News, below.