The Broncos Are The Biggest Favorites In NFL History For Their Game Week 6

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Peyton Manning

The Denver Broncos, the clear-cut best team in the NFL so far, are hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars, the clear-cut worst team in the NFL so far, two Sundays from now, in Week 6 “action.”

You’d probably guess the Broncos are favored by 1,300 points. You’re wrong!


They’re “only” 27-point favorites. That could change, since this is an early line, but it’s hard to see it going down much. And, no, I’m not betting on the Jaguars. This is tied for the largest recorded spread in NFL history, and it’s probably somewhat similar to what the point spread would be if Alabama played Jacksonville on a neutral field. (The Broncos would be favored by a lot more than 27, at home, over the Crimson Tide.) I doubt it will climb higher than 27.5, but, hey, we’ll see how the market reacts.

What are the odds of Jacksonville winning?

Using this chart and speculating a bit, we can guess that the Broncos moneyline will imply something like a more-than-96% chance of victory for Denver. In an NFL game.

So, yeah, pick Denver in your survivor pools.

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