The Jaguars Are Fighting The Broncos On Twitter Because They’re Gonna Lose By 300 In Real Life

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Denver Broncos are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, in an official NFL Week 6 game, despite the Jags’ best efforts to be demoted to the American Athletic Conference.

For whatever reason, the official Broncos’ Twitter account decided to start with the Jags, despite the fact that they are the biggest point spread favorites in NFL history (now -27.5).

Pretty sure those are shots.

Oh, they also brought up the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are staying classy (so far), by staying silent.

Of course, Tony Romo could try and shut the Broncos up with an “I dropped 48 on your defense!” tweet, but we all know about that game-ending interception thing.

Until further notice, the Broncos get last laugh on all jokes.