Derek Carr: First QB In NFL History To Hit The Spidercam Wire

Derek Carr: First QB In NFL History To Hit The Spidercam Wire
  • Jake O'Donnell

Derek Carr’s Thursday night in Kansas City was a forgettable one, as everything seemed to go wrong for the blossoming superstar quarterback. What can we say? Playing in Arrowhead in mid-December on short rest isn’t easy. But some of his misfortune wasn’t football related at all.

Dude threw up a pass to a wide open Amari Cooper with 3:20 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter that appeared to dramatically change direction moments before it got to its intended target. Cris Collinsworth’s conclusion was that Carr’s misplaced ball was yet another symptom of the Raiders’ inability to string together a successful drive. As it turns out, the pass actually hit one of the wires hung across the field that suspend the Spidercam, meaning this incomplete pass wasn’t Derek Carr’s fault, and the Oakland Raiders probably should’ve had a chance to tie this thing up with a two-point conversion.

Whether the pass would’ve been catchable for Cooper had it not run into a giant extension cord is anyone’s guess, but the fact remains that the Raiders got jobbed on this one. (Full disclosure: it most likely wouldn’t have mattered if the refs saw/acknowledged what went down on this play, seeing as punts that hit AT&T Stadium’s scoreboard aren’t given a re-do, so why would spidercam interference be any different?)

Some impressively unlucky shit, below…

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