DeSean Jackson Tweeted A “Photo” Of Tupac and Osama Bin Laden, And Then Everyone Freaked Out

  • Evan Sporer

DeSean Jackson just can’t seem to win these days. First he had the contract dispute. Then he got benched for sleeping through his alarm clock and missing a team meeting. Now, he tweets this out, and half the Internet has it out for him:

Why he tweeted that photo and what Jackson was thinking are still unknown. Both the tweet and photo have been taken down, though. Now people were quick to point out this is a Photoshop job. But here’s my question. There are a number of possibilities here, some of them not including Photoshop. So what are we looking at?

Option A: The Tupac hologram has been around for years, and Osama Bin Laden was straight chilling with it before we got him.

Option B: Someone has created an Osama Bin Laden hologram, and those are both holograms just getting their hologram on for a photo.

Option C: Tupcac ISN’T DEAD, and this photo was taken within the last, like, two years.

(Note: Option D is that the above photo has been doctored in some way and does not actually depict a friendly encounter between Tupac and bin Laden. It’s okay if you prefer the ones that involve holograms.)

Whatever it is, Mr. Jackson is not getting a pleasant response for the Internet.

Also, Funny Athletes Tweets pointed out: is that an O.J. painting in the background?