If Only The Eagles Could Quit On 2011 As Easily As DeSean Jackson Quit On This Locker Room Interview

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, a mostly miserable season for the Philadelphia Eagles got miserable-er, in the form of a 31-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The loss dropped the Eagles to 4-8 on the year, and last night, some people thought Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson looked more fed up than anybody. Jackson caught four passes, but some thought he was ignoring quarterback Vince Young on the sideline and generally looking like a not-terribly-interested participant in the game.

So after the game, reporters pressed Jackson on it: did he have issues with his teammates? And they kept at it, including after Jackson said he wouldn’t be addressing questions of that type. And if the degree to which Jackson was tired of others’ company during the game is up for debate, in this moment after, there was nothing ambiguous:

Yeah. That’s about par for the course for the 2011 Eagles. Jackson isn’t even the first Eagles receiver to angrily walk out on media members this year. And if the team’s last four games play out like last night’s, maybe he won’t be the last. Given all the “dream team” talk during free agency, it wasn’t tough to imagine the Eagles not living up to expectations, but the way they’ve flamed out really is something. If the Eagles’ season could just end right now, as abruptly as that Q&A session did, would anyone involved – from players to fans to coaches – really be upset?