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Detroit Lions Complete Hail Mary To Force Overtime, Music City Miracle Trilogy Now Complete

  • Joe Levine

Successful Hail Marys are the best. The first class of Hail Mary is the one to win the game, nothing beats that. But the second class, the Hail Mary to tie the game, is no slouch. The Detroit Lions pulled off the latter against the Tennessee Titans today.

Watch as Lions receiver Titus Young catches the tipped 50-yard bomb from backup quarterback Shaun Hill (starter Matt Stafford left the game with an injury) for the unlikely score.

The fans at the Titans-Lions game sure got their money’s worth today. First a Music City Miracle reprise, now a successful Hail Mary? Not to mention the free extra football thanks to overtime. And the hometown Titans won in the end thanks to a field goal. Pretty good for one game.

And I do have to admit, I did not have high hopes for the end of this game after the lackluster sequel to the original Music City Miracle. But a completed Hail Mary by the road team to tie the game? An overtime victory for the Titans? Masterfully done, Tennessee. Masterfully done.