The Catch Of DeVier Posey’s Life Wasn’t Enough To Beat The Patriots

  • Glenn Davis

In our morning roundup today, we went over the Texans’ loss to the Patriots yesterday, and made particular mention of the Texans’ improvement over their last showing against the Pats. Maybe it matters little in the final analysis, since the Texans’ season is just as over as it would have been if New England had won by four touchdowns again (and the Pats did still win by double digits, so we’re not exactly looking at a down-to-the-wire thriller like Falcons-Seahawks was earlier in the day), but Houston made things much more interesting than they did last time.

And they had to do some pretty spectacular things just to keep themselves somewhat in the game – specifically, the play you’ll see below from receiver DeVier Posey. Posey caught just six passes during the regular season, but caught three for 47 yards and a score against the Pats last night… including one that was so remarkable, it was ruled an incompletion at first because it didn’t look possible that he could have possibly gotten the ball under control before he went out of bounds. But upon further review…

…he sure did. That’s the definition of “not giving up on a play” if we’ve ever seen it. Here, have a couple more looks:

Unfortunately, Posey’s night turned out to be a microcosm of his team’s – game effort, disappointing ending. In Posey’s case, the individual disappointment came courtesy of a ruptured Achilles tendon that leaves him facing a long, grueling rehab process. We can only hope he comes out of it good as new, because of the above catch is any indication, he could serve as an awfully nice complement to the still-great Andre Johnson… and clearly, to have any hope of beating a team like the Patriots in the playoffs, the Texans need all the extraordinary efforts they can muster.