Dexter Still Killing People: Madden-esque McCluster Punt Return TD Leads Kansas City To 4-0 Start

  • Rick Chandler

Check out this Dexter McCluster punt return for a TD … sublime. Chiefs 31, Giants 7, and the party is on in Kansas City, which has started 4-0 for only the third time in franchise history. Time to start naming streets after Alex Smith and Andy Reid? Why not: I’m probably never going to have to drive there.

But, don’t get TOO excited, Kansas City.

One of those 4-0 teams, the 2003 Chiefs, actually started 9-0 on its way to going 13-3 and losing to the Colts in the playoffs.

But the 1996 Chiefs frittered away their 4-0 opening burst and won only five of their next 12 to finish 9-7 and out of the playoffs.

And this can only mean … yes, the Giants are 0-4. First time that’s happened in (takes out calculator) 45 years.