White Men Can’t Jump: Did John Kuhn’s Failed Lambeau Leap Lose Game For Packers?

  • Rick Chandler

In the end, the Packers’ downfall today came down to execution: most notably a rather embarrassing attempt at The Lambeau Leap in the fourth quarter by fullback John Kuhn. After plunging into the end zone on a 1-yard run with 12:06 remaining, Kuhn headed to the stands and … oof. He got less air than Chief Wiggum, showed less grace than Norm from “Cheers”, and when it was all over, Green Bay fans came to the only logical conclusion …

The 49ers surged back from the 4-point deficit for a TD and a field goal — the latter as time expired — to win the NFC Wild Card Game 23-20 and collect their gleaming parting gift, a trip to Charlotte next weekend.

As per usual, Twitter is being very restrained and understanding of Kuhn’s failed attempt at jumping more than six inches: