Did NFL Referee Tony Corrente Flop After Getting Bumped By Eagles Offensive Lineman King Dunlap?

  • Dylan Murphy

King Dunlap is an enormous human being. ESPN lists him at 6-9, 330 lbs. During yesterday’s Giants-Eagles blowout, the game was already well in hand by the third quarter with New York leading 35-7. Emotions were running high, the Giants nervous about their season resting in the hands of the lowly Detroit Lions and the Eagles venting some pent up, 4-12 frustration.

After a play right at the start of the second half, Giants safety Antrel Rolle started whaling on Dunlap, who understandably fought back. It was an uneven fight which involved multiple players and referees, but stability was eventually restored. Dunlap was still fuming, however, and for whatever reason decided to bump referee Tony Corrente. It was a slight bump at best, though it doesn’t take much for Dunlap to nudge an otherwise sturdy human being off of his spot. Except Corrente went tumbling to the ground, flags were thrown and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty assessed.

But in fairness to Dunlap, we have to ask: did Corrente flop? He does fall rather dramatically, which seems inconsistent with the minimal contact. And Corrente has no reason to flop, being a nonpartisan referee. But flopping’s all the rage these days, so who knows.