Did Referees Screw Tim Tebow Out Of His First TD Pass Of The Season? (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

Much has been made of Tim Tebow’s fake punt pass to Jets backup linebacker Nick Bellore, mostly because Tim Tebow. But something that nobody is focusing on is the run after the catch, in which Bellore may have scored a touchdown had the referees not incorrectly blown the play dead.

Watch it closely, for a moment. Bellore, anticipating the Colts last man back to take him out low, dives head first above the tackle and rolls on the ground. But then he gets up and continues to run forward, thinking he wasn’t touched, but referee whistles halt his progress and he’s tackled by a defender anyway.

But had the refs not blown the whistle, Bellore would have kept going instead of slowing down, and he might have made his way into the end zone. Which, as it so happens, would have given Tim Tebow his first touchdown of the season.

Now of course it’s impossible to know whether Bellore would have scored, and the evidence indicates that it probably wouldn’t have happened. There’s also a part of us that’s glad it didn’t happen, as the entire New York media would have erupted, taking away from Sanchez’s otherwise hardly noteworthy stellar performance.

Photo via Getty