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Did Rex Ryan Try To Draft Russell Wilson?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Russell Wilson Rex Ryan

Deadspin just published a “Why Your Team Sucks” preview of the New York Jets. It’s absolutely worth a read for Drew Magary’s spectacular dumping on the Jets, but I’m most concerned with one little tidbit of the preview, sent in by a reader.

We obviously don’t know if this is true, because it comes from a random Deadspin reader.


I started a conversation with Greg Buttle, former Jets LB and radio broadcaster, at a 4th of July party a few weeks ago. I found out Rex Ryan wanted to take RUSSELL WILSON instead of STEPHEN HILL in the second round of last year’s draft. But hey…That’s why we had Tannenbaum there to overrule him, right?

I emailed peter@peter.pan for comment, and there was no response.

As a Jets fan, I want to cry. I’m guessing the rest of you have to clean up the laugh-induced shit stains on your pants.

Then again, if the Jets drafted Russell Wilson, he would have sat behind Mark Sanchez, gotten a shitty haircut and forever been forgotten as “too small.”

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