Did You See What Marshawn Lynch Did To Darnell Docket, And His Own Offensive Coordinator, Last Night?

  • Eric Goldschein

beast mode lynchIf you don’t have NFL Network, or just can’t stand to listen to Rich Eisen “putting a topping on it” and skipped the game, or maybe even chose to watch baseball instead of football, you missed the Seahawks putting the hurt on the Cardinals. Seattle won the game 34-22, and Marshawn Lynch won the highlight reel.

Everybody knows that Lynch runs like a man on fire, and that he can break tackles like no other featured back out there. (He is responsible for one of the most ferocious touchdowns in NFL history, after all.) But just look at what he did to big ol’ Darnell Dockett in the third quarter last night (via SB Nation):

Lynch then plowed through the rest of the defense to score a touchdown… before the call was reversed and the ball was placed just short of the goal line — which is a shame, because if any play deserves to be capped off by a touchdown, it’s this one.

You’d think offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell would give Lynch the rock from the six-inch line and let him get his touchdown (as fantasy owners were hoping/praying), but the next call was a play action. Lynch’s response (via reddit)?

I’d be pissed too. And my name isn’t even “Beast Mode.”

The worst part about fantasy football this year is that not everyone can have this guy.